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Q: What does a typical engagement with The Outpost look like?
A: As soon as you sign with us, you will get assigned an Account Manager that will be working actively with your company every week. Their goal is to identify opportunities for you and partner with your team to decide the opportunities you want to get after. We will lay out your roadmap.

Q: How often will our team meet with The Outpost team?
A: We will set up two monthly meetings, one at the tactical level and one at the strategic level, but your account manager will be available to you on-demand.

Q: Does The Outpost help with proposal writing?
A: Yes. We have a team of 20 experts in the fields of government contracting, proposal writing, marketing and design, who will help you craft a winning proposal.

Q: How is my Account Manager assigned to me?
A: Our Account Managers are industry seasoned experts who come from different organizations and sectors. We analyze our clients and the relationships that are needed to achieve success and we have an internal team decision on who to partner you with.

Q: Does The Outpost help get MOUs signed?
A: Yes we do. We take our relationships with customers and end-users seriously and seek to share the best technologies and opportunities with them.

Q: In what stage do companies need to be in order to work with The Outpost?
A: We have worked with everything, from early-stage companies to multi-billion dollar public companies. We are tech agnostic, so we want to find companies with market-ready products or services and the key factor for us is finding coachable teams who are interested in breaking into the federal space.

Q: How many applications will The Outpost submit during my agreement term?
A: We don’t believe in throwing a hundred bowls of spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. We have found success in identifying the right opportunities for the right companies.

Q: Will The Outpost provide me with a list of contacts to reach out to?
A: We work with our clients to facilitate introductions and do the outreach with the company to government contacts. Our job is to help you with relationship development and our team will be with you every step of the way.

Q: Does The Outpost only help with SBIR/STTR contracts?
A: The Outpost helps with all types of opportunities, we help with traditional contracts, Commercial Solutions Openings, Broad Area Announcements, Other strand actions and more!

Q: What happens after our proposal gets awarded?
A: We help get the contract officially awarded, with invoicing and client engagement.

Q: What is The Outpost’s model pricing?
A: We’re a fee-for-service organization. What this means is that we will charge you a fixed monthly fee for the time we stipulate in the agreement and we will get a Success Fee once your contract is awarded.

Q: How does The Outpost make effective the Success Fee?
A: The success fee covers the total amount of the contract and gets paid as you get paid.

Q: Can we hire The Outpost for one submission only?
A: Our minimum engagement is 6 months.

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