Our Best Kept Secret: Tips for STRATFI & TACFI

Key Tips for Success

  1. Align with Strategic Needs: Your project should directly address a capability gap and align with the core competencies of the Space Force or specific operational needs of the Air Force.
  2. Ensure Eligibility: Make sure your company meets all the criteria including active or recently completed SBIR/STTR Phase II projects, and that you’re not currently executing a STRATFI effort.
  3. Secure Matching Funds: Understand the matching funds requirements thoroughly. STRATFI and TACFI both require matching funds, but the sources and ratios differ. Make sure to have your matching funds aligned and documented before application.
  4. Develop Strong Relationships: Forge and demonstrate strong connections with end-users and acquisition professionals within the Air Force and Space Force. A solid End-User & Customer Collaboration Agreement is crucial.
  5. Prepare a Comprehensive Capability Package: Your application should be meticulously prepared, including all required documents like company profiles, technology solutions, and a clear demonstration of how the technology meets Department of Air Force needs.
  6. Avoid Common Mistakes: Many applications are disqualified for reasons such as missing or incorrect point of contact information, inaccurate matching funds documentation, or using outdated application forms.


Timing and Application

Be aware of the STRATFI/TACFI timeline. The window for submissions is typically narrow, and understanding key dates, like when the Notice of Opportunity is available, is crucial for timely and correct application submission.


Success in the STRATFI and TACFI programs requires meticulous preparation, strong strategic alignments, and robust funding partnerships. By adhering to the outlined strategies and avoiding common pitfalls, applicants can significantly enhance their chances of securing funding and advancing their technologies within the national security arena.

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